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Savannah Ghost Photos

A Haunting Experience by Rebecca White, an interior designer from Marietta, Georgia

“My family and I were on your 7PM walking last Friday night. My husband encouraged me to let you know about something that happened in the 1790 restaurant that night. While standing at the bar with the rest of the tour group, I felt something gently brush against my back. I turned around and nothing was there. I turned around several more times and nothing was there. I was embarrassed to say anything at the time, but thought you might like to know. I’ve attached one of the orb photos we took that night. Its small and bright. Our family all agreed your tour was the highlight of our Savannah visit. Thanks.”

A review from “misscrazyangel21”

“We were skeptical of seeing anything. But after reviewing our pictures we are believers now! Enjoyed the history of the tour and seeing all the orbs in our pictures confirming that the city is truly haunted!!! ”

“Hi, My name is Christina Pond. My husband and I visited Savannah last week while we were celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary, and we bought a voucher through for one of your Ghost tours. I believe we went on Wednesdaythe 13th. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name of our tour guide, but I recall that she shared she was the daughter of the owner of the company. Since it was a cold night, I didn’t really begin snapping pictures until I warmed up a bit, and only started doing so when we got to Colonial Cemetery. Our guide had almost jokingly encouraged us to take multiple pictures in the same spot, which I did–in case any ghosts “moved”. Our tour ended, and I was thrilled at the history lesson that we had received as well as the delivery. Our guide was great! I was convinced however, that I had not received any “evidence” of any ghosts…no close encounters were had, and I could tell from my previews on my phone that I had not captured any orbs of light or the like. When my husband and I got back to our room, however, and started to carefully observe our photos, I was surprised by the first set of pictures that I took. A gravestone appeared to move. As I said, I took our guide’s advice and snapped several pictures in a row for each photo. Upon closer observation, and application of a lighter filter, I was shocked that I had captured a full-bodied apparition. I zoomed in, applied another light filter, and added some text to point out exactly what I saw.” Click here to view Christina’s image